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stoner_treats's Journal

stoners for life <3
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Welcome to stoner_treats a communtiy made for well.... stoners.
This is NOT a rating community. However the current members will have a say in wether or not you get to stay.
If you ahve a problem with that, then don't join. K thanks.

The only rules are to put your app behind a cut, and don't fuck with the mods.
and try to stay active i no how it is when your stoned <3 and always have love
for you stoner family

Your wonderful mod
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5 favorite bands:
Favorite horror movie:
One random saying:
Favorite place to smoke at:
What you like to do when you're high:
How many times do you smoke a week:
How long have you been smoking:
Favorite method of smoking : (i.e, joint bowl bong etc..)
Fav. munchies:
Most memorable time being stoned:
Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself:

and most of all have fun :)

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