HILFERTY,K (cauti0np0rn0) wrote in stoner_treats,

Hey hoes and bros.

Haven't been on in a while, but I have an amazing story about dramamine.

Alright, so I was in a car with 2 guys and 1 other girl, we all were high as fuck on those pills, and had no idea where we were going, and Danny was tlaking to someone beside him who wasnt even there. Then all of a sudden I see that we're parked at McDonalds because Drew had to pee, so we all waited in the car for him, but he like took an hour so we left and went looking for him, somehow we ended up in a whole different city and we were walking, turns out the car got stolen, so we kept walking and we see some kids in the car and were like "HEY FAGET THAT'S OUR CAR" so they sped off and we were still looking for Danny, turns out after yelling at trees and cars thinking they were Danny, he was actually looking for us the whole time too, and we all found eachother at about 6 in the morning, then we called Drews dad to get us and call the polivce reporting the car stolen, the cops found the car in the McDonalds drive-through.

Wow what a fucked up night.
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